Learn more about our actors, watch their interviews, read what they have to say about working on Twinklight, and above all, watch them perform their role in the movie.

Edmund (Krys Perez)

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Krys+Perez Krys+Perez Krys+Perez Krys+Perez
Edmund is a romantic! Well, a romantic that may or may not be thinking about jumping out of his seat on your first date to rip your heart from your chest. He isn't a bad guy, just a bit misunderstood. Edmund doesn't have the best of luck when

Billa (Skyelr Bleu)

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Skyelr+Bleu Skyelr+Bleu Skyelr+Bleu Skyelr+Bleu
Did you ever meet that kid in school who just couldn't catch a break? Insert Billa here. Slightly uptight, extremely naive, but with just the cutest little bubble butt you ever did see! Billa sometimes gets himself into trouble, but oddly enough,

Bailey (Jt Wreck)

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Jt+Wreck Jt+Wreck Jt+Wreck Jt+Wreck
Bailey is a fun guy who loves to party and have a good time. He can't resist the erotic world of vampires however and soon he's deep in the underworld and deepthroating evil leaders.

Vampire 3 (Rad Matthews)

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Rad+Matthews Rad+Matthews Rad+Matthews Rad+Matthews
The screen always lights up when Rad Matthews is on. He plays the perfect vampire with an incredible body and soulful eyes. Oh yah and his big, hard cock doesn't hurt either!

Victim 1 (Preston Andrews)

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Preston+Andrews Preston+Andrews Preston+Andrews Preston+Andrews
his young, hot twink's ass is too delicious to be resisted by all of the horny vampires. His cute little body is sucked, fucked and bitten by the dark leaders... and who could blame them?

Elijah (Levon Meeks)

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Levon+Meeks Levon+Meeks Levon+Meeks Levon+Meeks
Elijah doesn't intend to get caught up in the world of vampires, but when they insist on giving him the gift of eternal life and the gift of rough, carnal fucking he takes it all greedily.

Vampire 2 (Aidan Chase)

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Aidan+Chase Aidan+Chase Aidan+Chase Aidan+Chase
Aidan Chase plays the perfect vampire: dangerous, sexual and horny. Unmerciful to his victims he uses them to fulfill his sexual needs and then quenches his unstoppable need for blood.

Vampire 1 (Brice Carson)

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Brice+Carson Brice+Carson Brice+Carson Brice+Carson
Brice Carson is a ferocious and demonic vampire who tirelessly hunts his prey. He takes what he wants and leaves his lovers gratified, ass-sore... and dead!

Egan (Jayden Ellis)

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Jayden+Ellis Jayden+Ellis Jayden+Ellis Jayden+Ellis
Egan might appear to be a tough, blood thirsty vampire, but he likes to suck cock just as much as he like to suck blood! He's a sexy guy with an unstoppable appetite for delicious young twinks.

Ethan (Ethan Storm)

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Ethan+Storm Ethan+Storm Ethan+Storm Ethan+Storm
The underworld fears the vicious power of vampire Ethan Storm and his aggressive sex appeal is undeniable. He haunts the night hours looking for a fresh blood supply and a fresh twink ass to ride to satisfaction.

Ex Boyfriend (Darin)

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Darin Darin Darin Darin
Darin is a hot twink with a lot of confidence. His toned body, thick cock and seductive good looks really work for him as he teaches the other boys how he wants it done.

Victim 2 (Dustin Revees)

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Dustin+Revees Dustin+Revees Dustin+Revees Dustin+Revees
Dustin Reeves is a gentle twink with a soft spot for those aggressive, angry vampires! His cute twink ass is too tempting to protect from the underworld for long; watch Dustin get jammed and bitten to satisfaction.

Victim 3 (Kain Lanning)

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Kain+Lanning Kain+Lanning Kain+Lanning Kain+Lanning
Hot young blonde twink Kain Lanning falls victim to the bite and the cock of the vampire and he’s powerless to resist. The sheer need displayed is overwhelming and he’s forced to succumb. He loses himself in the passion and sensuali

Vampire 4 (Jonathan Cole)

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Jonathan+Cole Jonathan+Cole Jonathan+Cole Jonathan+Cole
Jonathan Cole is a great addition to the gay community. At 19, he's already a shining star. This small twink is a bottom with a lot of flair. He enjoys getting his dick sucked and reciprocates by bending over and opening up. He mostly screws a

Vampire 5 (Alex Todd)

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Alex+Todd Alex+Todd Alex+Todd Alex+Todd
Alex is a charming twink. The most important thing in a man for him is his teeth and eyes. He prefers older guys, even up to 10 years older than him!

Victim 4 (Tyler Bolt)

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Tyler+Bolt Tyler+Bolt Tyler+Bolt Tyler+Bolt
Tyler is a typical young emo with a bit of anarchy in him, with his 7 inch cock and magnificent skinny bottom he's the perfect twink for any underground fan!

Victim 5 (Jason Alcok)

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Jason+Alcok Jason+Alcok Jason+Alcok Jason+Alcok
Jason Alcok is a really attractive guy and he can get away with crazy hair and wacky outfits. This guy has an interesting way of seduction but overall he's very likable. When you see him on camera, your eyes follow his every move.

Vampire 6 (Jae Landen)

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Jae+Landen Jae+Landen Jae+Landen Jae+Landen
What a cute twink we have found for you to enjoy! Lae Landen is adorable, feisty and always fun. His cock is quite large and he definitely puts it to good use!

Vampire 7 (Kyle Richerds)

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Kyle+Richerds Kyle+Richerds Kyle+Richerds Kyle+Richerds
Kyle Richerds belongs to his master Elijah White and he's ready to do anything he asks. He feeds on blood even if he doesn't have fangs, and he's more than willing to fuck his master's tight ass when required to.

Vampire 8 (Elijah White)

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Elijah+White Elijah+White Elijah+White Elijah+White
Elijah White is a very powerful and unmerciful vampire who craves the blood of young humans. He has his own personal slave and he makes sure that he stays faithful to him.

Victim 6 (Josh Bensan)

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Josh+Bensan Josh+Bensan Josh+Bensan Josh+Bensan
Young and sweet Josh Bensan played a vampire victim in a fabulous porn scene and his performance was fantastic. He's really cute with a nice smooth body and some of the finest eyes you've ever seen on a twink model. He wants to be a full time tw

Victim 7 (Adrian Layton)

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Adrian+Layton Adrian+Layton Adrian+Layton Adrian+Layton
Adrian Layton is a smooth young thing who isn't into the club scene. He prefers meeting guys online but never thought about the fact some of them might be vicious killers. When he invites vampire Kain inside, he learns a lesson too late. He's pe